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Monday, August 13, 2012

Treat tube - 120 of 365

I'm a lucky cat mom - my cats aren't thrilled with most store-bought toys, but LOVE homemade ones. A few weeks ago, I made that Ninja kitty toy that Lil' Girl loved. Autumn sometimes rubs up on it too.Lil' Girl is the more intelligent of the two, so I try to find ways to keep her stimulated. And since she loves cheap homemade toys.... I made her a treat tube. I throw a couple treats inside, and she spends  a few minutes trying to get them out, and entertaining me.

Couldn't be simpler:
1 Empty paper towel roll
1 piece of felt or fleece, sized to wrap around the rub with a little overlap
Tacky glue

1. Glue one edge of the felt down to the tub.
2. Line the top and bottom edges of the felt with glue and wrap around the tube.
3. Glue the remaining edge to the tube.

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