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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Basket case - 138, 139 & 140 of 365

With the move to a new office location, and new cubicle styles, I decided I needed to make a new candy bowl. I came across this post from and knew it would be perfect. I cute a small Kleenex box in half, and started glueing on some jute rope I had leftover from other projects. With a fat quarter from the fabric store, I made an insert that would fold over the edge of the box. And voila! Because of the rope, this actually makes for a pretty sturdy basket. I may have to make more of these...

Let fall decorating commence!
I saw this post from that made art from pistachio shells. We often have pistachios so I asked Joe to save the shells from the next batch we bought.
So one night, a bag of pistachios and a few glue sticks later...

I started out first making flowers just like in the post, but realized as I went along, I could take the same concept only arrange the shells slightly different to make pine cones:

I love creating things from materials I just have laying around!


  1. Those are SO CUTE!! Does the glue hold up well? I can see a grandkid project in the near future. :-)

  2. Haven't had any glue misfires so far!

  3. LOL I have only been blogging and joining parties for about 4 months but sometimes things just astound me and this is one.
    LOVE It / marking to favorites... I will have to feed my grandson and his daddy some pistachios and then do this down the line ! This is so creative and cute! :)

  4. Can u post a step by step of the pine cones ?��