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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pompoms and Pocketbooks - 142 & 143 of 365

Last week, people at work held an end-of-summer party in the office. One person asked me to help make the Martha Stewart Tissue PomPoms they purchased. So I helped them whip up 8 of these tissue pompoms (which we kept ripping, but thankfully it wasn't noticeable), and we hung them in the kitchen about the main counter.


A few weeks ago, someone posted this link for PocketMod - a printable and customizable pocket notebook. I loved it! I always carry around a little notebook in my purse, but this was even better! But this pint-sized book is only 6 pages, and unprotected so it could get all crinkly and torn.

I decided to make a book cover for it to keep it intact in my purse, so with some spare fabric and heavy duty pellon (to keep it sturdy), I whipped up a nice cover for it.

Notebook cover

I printed out two PocketMods and put one inside the other. And to hold them together without falling apart, I tied a ribbon through the center.

In my pocketmod, I have pages for a daily to-do list, shopping lists, and "storyboard" pages which I'll use to plot out random craft ideas that pop up. They have tons of options, so go get yourself organized!

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