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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hallo-weekend - 152-154 of 365

Crazy busy weekend this time around. Volunteered at the zoo, picked up our first pumpkin of the season (you may have seen my tweet), tried Japanese food for the first time, saw Frankenweenie with friends, shopped for groceries, went to a fall festival, and walked through some haunted mazes...

AND I was able to find time to knock off a few crafts. I think I may need a nap...

First up, I saw this fabric at the store and bought it immediately - though I had no plan for what to do with it. As I was planning my Halloween layout this year, I realized I don't have a runner for my dining room table. Perfect.

table runner
I cut out two equal lengths of the fabric, and cut the ends to a point. With right sides together,

 I stitched around and turned right side out. I then did two rounds of straight stitching around the edges.

Similarly I saw this black and orange fabric, but I had decided this was to become an apron almost immediately. I cut the basic shape of an apron and covered the raw edges and made the neck loop and side ties out of bias tape.

And lastly, I made a festive new 'buoy' cover for my cats.

On a side note, I've come to the conclusion I'm not going to make my goal of 365 designs this year, unless I made about 3 items a day. Hmmm...not gonna happen. But I'm still interested in seeing how close I can get. So I'll keep on trucking!


  1. Love the fabrics you chose! Yeah, I'm not going to meet my own "quotas" this year but life happens. Keep on creating, I say!

  2. Beautiful fabric. Looking forward to seeing you at MDC :)