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Monday, November 5, 2012

A cozy pilgrim - 173 of 365

This year we're making the trip east in early December this year, as plane tickets at Christmastime are out of this world. Because of this, my goal is to have the homemade portion of Christmas presents done and ready to ship by Thanksgiving! Unbelievable.

But I'll also try to squeeze in other crafts, like this Pilgrim hat mug cozy!:
Pilgrim cozy

I started with a regular cozy pattern with brown yarn, and made one row with black to represent the belt. I then made a circle that extended past the cozy, and whip-stitched it to the bottom as the brim. And then out of yellow, and made the buckle and stitched that on the cozy.

I also have a few ideas of items to throw in my Etsy store - hopefully I'll have time!

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