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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Corked - 185 & 186 of 365

Yes, we drink a lot of wine. I save the corks for crafting since I'm green like that (and cheap). And I'm happy to say I am officially out of corks! My huge stash has been depleted finally. Which means we need to drink more...
First, as gifts for the family, I made more candle holders made from full corks:

cork candle holder

Next, I made made ornaments in the shape of 6-point snowflakes. Each cork was cut in half, and glued together. Once dry, I glued ribbon along the outside edge and topped with a bow:

Cork ornaments

With corks I'll gather over the holiday, I hope to make a small standing Christmas tree, and possibly a star wall hanging. So let's get drinking!

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