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Monday, December 17, 2012

Crochet Christmas - 189 & 190 of 365

A whopping busy weekend:

Bought us new bikes - pics to come later

Went to the neighborhood Christmas party

Saw 'Twist Your Dickens' by the Second City (written by some of Colbert's writers)

Made a couple dozen cookies

Went to boat parade at the Venice Canals in the rain

Phew, I need a weekend from my weekend.

Anywho, another gift I made for our early Christmas present exchange was a poncho for my mom.  Made with two different lots of Lion Brand Homespun yard.  The pattern I found on

Crochet poncho
Next up, I realized Joe has been wearing the same scarf I made him way back in college, possibly highschool.
That's unacceptable. So during our trip to visit the family, I picked up some yarn and made him a new hipper scarf, based on a Lionbrand pattern.

Crochet scarf

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