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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feeling eggstatic

Well, not really.
I was in Orlando last week for work. And unfortunately, last week was a week of crazy temps. One day freezing, the next day 80. And with that, we all came down with massive head colds.
So while sitting around the house, bored out of my mind but lacking energy to actually move, I grabbed some old plastic eggs and yarn and got to work.

Crochet eggs

Rather than crocheting the eggs and stuffing them with filler, I crocheted over some silly plastic eggs that I haven't even touched in the last few years. Now I've finally put them to use. (And funny, some of them still have candy in them ... ewww...)

So now that I'm feeling a bit better, hopefully I'll get some more projects finished, like some storage boxes, more Easter kitsch, and potted plants outside.

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  1. Very nice job! I love the look of crochet anything. Looks like you are ready for Easter! I'm having a link party on my blog and I'd love for you to join!