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Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the works

Last week I posted about my troubles with my backyard garden. To replace the strawberries, I planted some mint that I had rooted inside. I sprinkled some cayenne along the rims of the pots, but that apparently was not enough to deter the squirrelly vandals. They haven't dug up the mint, at least, but they did manage to plant their fat behinds on top of them and snap a couple of the stems.
So now I've sprinkled cayenne ALL OVER the pot rims and dirt, and they seems to be working. My basil plants are starting to recoup as it seems they're not being smashed down anymore.

Meanwhile, I've also been working on my little window garden in my kitchen. The parsley from my previous herb garden is still going strong. I also planted some mint leftover from the outdoor pot. And with the base of a leftover leek I picked up from the farmers' market, I'm regrowing the leek in water. See the new shoots coming up?

Earlier this week, I made my way to the fabric store and picked up fabric for two upcoming projects that hopefully I'll get started on real soon!

And I finally sent off my hats for donation to Hats Off for Cancer. I think it was 8 total:

Keepin' busy!

I'll also be ready this weekend for CicLAvia! Venice Blvd, a major street in LA, will be closed off to cars from downtown LA all the way to the beach. Going to break out the bike and spend a nice long day in the sun!

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