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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Slowly going crazy

Our upstairs neighbor's pipes broke or something, so now we've had a giant dehydrator sitting in our kitchen for almost a week now. The hum is slowly going to drive us well as the dry air.

And to increase my stress... Remember the stacked planter I made? I haven't actually caught the perpetrator in the act, but within a few days, I found all the strawberry plants from the top pot on the ground. A vindictive neighbor? Most likely not, and some people seemed actually excited to see my mini garden. Logical conclusion: squirrels. I keep repotting the plants just to find them on the ground again... with all the mini berries and flowers missing.

To make matters worse, I think they're trampling my basil too! Next item on my to-do list: research squirrel deterrents.

On a happier note, the impatiens have taken very well to my pots and have started spreading. I was also able to root some mint I had picked up at the farmers' market, so maybe those shoots will find a home outside.

Work has also be pretty stressful lately. To relax, I let my mind wander. And when that happens, Boom! Craft ideas! Just came up with an idea this week for a small quilt hanging. And for fun, will probably submit it to Ellison Lane's mini quilt contest. That means a plausible reason to hit the fabric store!


  1. i think squirells ruin everything! we have been there too dealing with those buggers!

  2. Just did some research, and a natural deterrent is spicy things. Some sites recommend sprinkling cayenne pepper around the plants; others say to water your plants with the broth from a mix of onions, jalapenos, and cayenne.
    But will this spiciness effect my plants? Especially the ones I intend to eat?