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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dracula and friends

I might have to make my own TV show...

This year I decided I wanted to theme my living room with classic movie monsters for Halloween. I feel like with all these tween vampires and werewolves and zombies, we've forgotten about the greats.

Classic movie posters

Last year I made this Wolfman doll from scratch. So this year I decided to make him a bosom buddy - Dracula.

Classic monsters

I used the body pattern I created for the Wolfman, and then just improvised the rest, all out of felt, thread, and hot glue. Dracula's medallion is made from sequins glued onto felt, and I just happened to have a thin leather strap for the necklace.

Dracula doll

Meanwhile, we've already picked out our pumpkins this year - two huge heavy ones. Now I just have to figure out a design/theme for them. Last year I bought a set of carving tools recommended by BHG (as I've found PumpkinMasters tools to be way too flimsy and cheaply made) but of course, as soon I started using them, the saws broke. So, THIS year, I found a set on Amazon that has pretty high ratings - we'll see how it goes!

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