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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Undead Family

I've actually started wearing my slippers - it's officially fall! I'm headed to the land of a thousand lakes this weekend, so I had to get a few more last minute projects in. To go along with my classic movie monster theme, I found these paper toys at Chemical9. What a happy little family.
So cute I just want to snuggle them. But I can't - because I'll squoosh them as they're made of paper...

And don't hate me - this was commissioned! A friend asked for a Christmas wreath, so I rushed right out, got the materials, and voila!

Also got some good news this week - I was accepted into a competitive zookeeper class which starts next month. A lecture class during the week, and then a field day every weekend. Yay! One step closer to my poop-scoopin' career!

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