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Monday, November 25, 2013

Life updates

Unfortunately, not much has been going on in the craft front. But that's because I've been crazy busy with everything else.

1. Almost done with a UX class I'm taking. 3 more classes left, and I'm finally happy about the project I'm working on. My first few drafts left me bored and uninspired. But then something finally clicked! I'll share once I create my prototype.

2. Started up my zookeeper class at the zoo. The lectures have been already, but nothing too exciting. But last week I had my first real work day. My first rotation is with the birds. (Sorry - I'm not allowed to post pictures from behind-the-scenes.) I get to help feed and clean parrots, pigeons, and raptors, get to watch the keepers practice training for the bird show, and various stuff that's taking a toll on my old body. This day, I helped clean up some construction remnants, including heaving wood boards and beams around. I'm too old for this...

3. Thanksgiving is this week! In between my classes and homework, I've been planning the week's schedule of cleaning, prepping, and cooking. One of my favorite times of year!

Well, once the UX class is finished, I'll finally have time to be creative again. So expect lots of projects to pop up in the next few weeks.

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