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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm currently taking a class focused on UX - User Experience. UX Designers are brought in to serve a particular problem, but focus on a solution from the user's point of view. Not only will this be helpful with my current job position, it also has some practical implications for general problem solving.
The instructors introduced us to a world-renowned designer named Bruce Mau. He actually visited our class last night for an overview of what he does. He has studios in Toronto and New York, but now he himself focuses mainly helpful nonprofit organizations improve their processes.

In 1998, Bruce wrote a manifesto for growth which has really taken off globally. In class, he gave us three minutes to come up with items for our own manifesto.

And here is mine:

Grow: Keep learning. Expand your brain and spirit.

Laugh: Engage in fun. The world is a more pleasant place when you're laughing with others.

Live: Grab big opportunities by the horns, but don't forget the little things that can build to something great.

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