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Monday, November 18, 2013

More Tiki Christmas and Prepping for the holidays

So glad to see last week come and go.

Along with one of my busiest weeks at work, starting up my class at the zoo, and trying to work on a big project for my UX class, I got stuck with jury duty. Not actual jury duty, but 4 days of jury selection. Thankfully, I had been excused. And I say thankfully not because I couldn't handle the case, but because there's no way I would have been able to do some work in the evenings AND get homework done. Phew.
To blow off some steam and keep my mind off work for a moment, I made sure to get a few personal projects done. First off, I completed the second installment of my tropical Christmas theme - a holiday flamingo:

To complete the look, I framed each stitch in an embroidery hoop, and then glued small shells around the edge.

Christmas flamingo Tiki christmas

I also felt the need to put a little order to some mess. I have been meaning for a long time to clean out our "utility" drawer. Here's a pic of the mess once I dumped out the drawer:

So with some old tissue boxes and cereal boxes, and scrapbook paper and double-sided tape, I made my own drawer organizer and created some order to the chaos:

Next project: Thanksgiving! We're hosting this year, so there's plenty to keep me busy until then!

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