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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A year of projects

Pinwheel QuiltI'm in the middle of two projects right now - crocheting myself a pair of socks, which has taken me several nights just to get through half of one sock, and I've returned to working on my pinwheel quilt. I took some time off to think about the stitching, and had thought I would try my hand at free-motion quilting. Well, it's gonna take some more practice time than I have patience to finish this quilt, so I decided to use my walking foot and create a chevron design on all my white connecting pieces. Still debating what I want to do for the large center square, but one block at a time.

As I realized these two pieces won't be done before the end of the year, I started thinking about how many projects I had actually finished this year. For some reason, it felt like I hadn't created that much. So I went through all my blog pictures and laid them out below. Nevermind - I guess I was pretty productive...






And laying out the pictures like this has made me think of some cosmetic changes to this blog which I've started instituting - a big one being my pictures. Time to make square pics - much cleaner looking when put all together. I also wanted to reduce some clutter so I trashed the sidebar and moved those sections to the bottom of the pages and the tabs at the top. How's it look?

Here's to a new year with new projects!

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

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