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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

UX project prototype

I have officially finished my UX class! I'm sure my grade won't come in for a few weeks, but I'm just glad to be done. It was a pretty good class; just having homework while working full-time, plus my zookeeper class, it was all just too much. So I'm extremely happy to have some free time again.

I wanted to share my semester project with you. The concept was a dating/matching site for pets. Rather than using Petfinder or a similar site, you could use this site to for various fun ways to search for a pet, rather than just by the stats of the animal alone (sex, size, breed, etc). But I also wanted to give an opportunity for pet lovers who are unable to adopt a pet for any reason a chance to interact with animals, called Playdates.

This is just a rough prototype so it's not fully functional. But click around, look at cute pet pics.


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