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Friday, January 3, 2014


I started to think about what my resolutions would be this year and I immediately went back to the same old thing - exercise more, lose weight, etc. Eh, boring. So how about something a little more realistic and creative and achievable?

Pinwheel quilt

  1. Finish 4 quilts. I'm in the quilting phase of my pinwheel quilt right now, and I have three more planned out: A block quilt, a rectangle quilt, and a scrap quilt for the cats.
  2. Make a dress that I've had the fabric for balled up on my shelf forever. This will be the year, dang it!
  3. Attempt to crochet a sweater. I've never made clothing more than hats, scarves, socks, and gloves, so this will definitely be a fun challenge.
  4. Make pies. I received the tools last summer for my birthday, but only used them a couple times. Time to pump out the pie!
  5. Read more. I'm disappointed with the number of books I read in 2013. A measly twelve books. And most of them were graphic novels which I can usually read within a day or two. Unacceptable. Goal for 2014: double that.

That's a suitable list, right? get started...

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