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Saturday, February 22, 2014

At peace with pinwheels

Finally! It's done!
My pinwheel quilt I started last summer. I based it on a pin of a quilt square on Pinterest. I have found some good fabric deals on Ebay in the past, and it was not exception when I found a stack of Moda squares in colors that match my living room almost perfectly.

Pinwheel quiltPinwheel quilt

The finished quilt measures 40" x 52".

I first made all my pinwheels, and then the brown squares and beige rectangles. The quilt didn't seem big enough, but I didn't have enough pinwheels to make it bigger. So I figured I needed to do something different for the center, have a center point, to take up space. With that, I was still short a few blocks so I made different corners as well. I decided to make them basic so the pinwheels would stand out more.

Once pieced all together, I had to decide what to do for the stitching. Hmmmm. The pinwheels were easy. I saw another Pinterest pin that did some simple stitching on the inside, so I decided to try that. I intentionally didn't do straight lines though; they're a bit warped to give the slight feel that they're moving/turning.

What to do with the rest of the quilt took some incubation time. I had practiced some free motion quilting, and if you follow my tweets or instagram, you saw how that turned out. That was a bust. I then decided to do some straight stitching, and with chevron designs being so popular, I thought I'd try that out.

I really liked the way it turned out with all the rectangles stitched. And when you step away, the chevrons actually make an echoed diamond pattern throughout the whole quilt. Sure...I meant to do that...

For the corner squares, I decided to keep it simple and just keep the box motif going and stitched a square in the center of the diamond. Boom. Done. Now for the center square. What to do? I drew out a couple designs and thought about it for a few days. Then I went away on a work trip for a week, came back, and I had it. I decided to ghost the pinwheel design in the center diamond.

So - one part of my New Years resolutions is done. On to the other three quilts!

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful work! Found you on Show off Friday :-)