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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Destressing with projects

The first trip of the year, generally the most stressful one, is now over. Home sweet home. But before I left, I created the stitch sampler below, but modernized the old Welcome sign with our wifi login (password hidden). So now our guests can easily check their email or facebook updates when we start to bore them.

Another project I started right before the trip, and finished when I got back, was a new purse. I made my current purse just over a year ago. And I still really like that pattern, as it holds everything I need, so I picked up some fabric and made the third installment.

Wifi password stitch samplerpurse

Though the trip is done, my stress isn't gone yet. Tonight I have my final exam for the zookeeper class I've been taking since November. Passing this test, and thus the course, gives me the opportunity to be a keeper volunteer and also qualifies me to take the civil servant test and be considered for a paid keeper position at the zoo. Wish me luck!

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