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Monday, March 10, 2014

Dressing up

Now that life is somewhat back to normal, I've been able to working on some projects again. And its been keeping me busy. First, I found this pattern from Sew4Home for a sunglasses case. I have never been known to take good care of my glasses, so I always opted for the cheapo $10 sunglasses I'd pick up at Venice Beach. Who cares if they got scratched up or warped? They were only $10. Well, a few months ago I decided to get a pair that cost a whopping $25. So that means I gotta take care of these. They didn't come with a case, and I put off buying a case for awhile. And one day I just decided to make my own. I used leftover fabric from my purse so they'd match.

A few months ago, I was given some rope cording. So I decided to make a crocheted doormat, and retire the nasty 'Wipe your paws' mat we inherited from the previous tenant. I started with a simple chain, and kept going around, increasing on the sides.

Sunglasses case Crocheted rug

And I finally got around to making clothes again. I had this fabric set aside since before Thanksgiving with the intent to make a skirt. Just never happened. This last week, I sat down to make that skirt, and I decided last minute this is not the fabric I want for the skirt. And I had enough of the fabric to make another item I've had on my to-do list: A self-shirred dress. I used the instructions from and then vamped the rest. Which probably explains the weird gathering on the sides of the skirt-part. It kinda bubbles at my hips, and after a lot of trial and error, that's the best I could get it. But it's hidden when I wear a sweater or jacket over it so it's all good.

Shirred dress

So my plans are to still make that other skirt (I think I'm going to deconstruct an old skirt and convert it to this pattern), and make the crocheted sweater I started 1-2 weeks ago. I've pulled it out 4 times already. 4 times. Oy. But it just takes practice, right?

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