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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shakin and Stitchin - new crochet projects

Little Girl As you all probably heard, we had a 4.4 earthquake here in LA yesterday. I was getting ready to leave for work when we felt the first jolt.

I had been standing by the bed petting Lil' Girl. She was sitting on the edge of the bed purring, eyes closed, enjoying the head rub like we do on most mornings. Then the earthquake came. Lasted a good 5-10 seconds. She didn't budge. Not only did she not warn us of the upcoming possible danger, but she didn't even react to the shaking at all! Why do I spend all this money on food, toys, litter, and vet care when she's not even going to earn her keep?!

I guess one could argue that she pays me back in love, better health, and all that jazz, but come on!

I need a dog.

Anyways... I was a happy little stitcher last week. I was able to finish my first sweater! I followed these directions I found through Ravelry and they were pretty easy, though I had to tear my work out a couple times at the beginning to make sure I was doing it right. I think the sweater is slightly big on me, and the armpits could be a tad higher, but not bad for my first go round!

And even though it was 80 degree this weekend, I still had one winter project I wanted to finish. Joe had bought a new winter coat (yay for Clearance deals!) and needed a new scarf to go with it. But I was just too busy with other projects, illness, traveling, all that fun, to really work on one. Then, with the going-out-of-business deals from a local yarn store, I picked up some pretty (uh...I mean masculine) linen yarn to match and whipped up a long striped scarf for him. Now he'll be prepared for next winter when LA get dumped with snow b/c of crazy climate change...

Crochet lace sweater Striped scarf

From that yarn store closing, I picked up yarn to make a few other sweaters so I'll get to work on those soon!


  1. Pretty sweater! You did a great job for your first one. Whenever I crochet or knit sweaters I have to make armhole or arm length adjustments. Your scarf is really nice, too.

  2. I so admire your skills. I love to crochet and knit - mostly crochet. I have dozens of doilies, flowers - that's the extent of my talent, since I've tried and failed many times to follow a pattern.