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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Prepping for spring

80 degrees in LA this week. So beautiful. Saturday we spent the day walking around an outdoor shopping area, but only after visiting one of our favorite local art galleries. For one weekend only, Gallery1988 showcased AdventureTime-themed art, and we walked away with a few prints.

Sunday I spent the afternoon working on my spring quilt. The top is all put together! And this weekend I have my free-motion quilting class, so then maybe I'll be confident enough to try out a pattern.

pink block quilt

Not too much movement on our community gardens. Everyone was to turn in their payments, but I haven't seen my check cashed yet. And we can't order the supplies to build the garden boxes til all the money is deposited! *sigh* But I'm planning ahead anyways and have planted some seeds in used k-cups - a green alternative to small pots and we're closing in on Earth Day!

K-cup seedlings

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