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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring has Spring Quilt

Tis finished! And just in time before I leave for another work trip.
It started with two charm packs that weren't the same, but the colors matched pretty well. Full of links, lime greens, and a hint of yellow.

pink charm pack
This was the fastest quilt top I've put together. I need to use pre-cut fabric more often!

And my free motion quilting class inspired me to try a loopy daisy stitch, which worked out really well and adds to the bright spring theme. Plus it only took me a couple days to complete the stitching without spending hours and hours at a time on it.

Spring quilt Free Motion quilt daisy

The whole quilt measures 65" x 70". I chose a yellow striped fabric for the backing and binding to bring out the hints of yellow in the fabric patterns. Yeah, it's a lot of pink and a little girlier than I usually prefer, but I actually really like this one. And it makes me really excited to get to work on the next ones - a t-shirt quilt for a family member, and a denim quilt for me!


  1. Such a nice bright quilt - and that's the beauty of free motion quilting, once you get the hang of it it's quick!

  2. These are great colors and I love the yellow for the binding! Great job!!

  3. Such a bright and beautiful quilt. I love the daisy quilting.

  4. Beautiful! Must have been a ton of work!