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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Remembering my Memorial Day weekend

And what a lovely weekend it was.
First, Saturday we made a 'quick' trip down to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Safari Park. And by 'quick' I mean we probably spent as much time on the road than we did in the parks. Traffic heading down was bad, took us almost 3 1/2 hours rather than the normal 2-2 1/2. We stayed at the zoo for a couple hours, enough time to take enough pics to make this gif of a roly poly baby panda:

We then rushed 30 minutes away to the Safari Park in order to see the new Tiger exhibit before it closed. A beautiful exhibit. Great views (and picture opportunities) of the tigers.

Tiger Tiger
Sunday and Monday I made some time to work on another small quilt project - new bedroom throw pillows!

Quilted beach pillows

I printed out vintage pics of a starfish and seahorse on photo transfer paper. Using some stash fabric, I made a sandy wonky log cabin around the image. Who knew I had so much beachy fabric? Then I got my free motion quilting on. Around each image, I did some pebbles; in the sand, I did some plain straight-stitching; in the blue, I did some wave-like echoing. On the back, I did some sandy stripes, and made an envelope back with velcro closure.

Quilted beach pillow pebblingQuilted beach pillow wavesQuilted beach pillow back
Next up: to start planning my next big project - a t-shirt quilt.

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