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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Booking it in NYC

After a few years away, my job finally brought me back to New York. My days are spent within the convention center, and most of my night are at company dinners. But last night was all for me. So I took the opportunity to wander around the new-to-me neighborhood near Grand Central Station.
My first stop was the New York Public Library, just because it was the unforgettable introductory scene in "Ghostbusters". My original plan was just to see the outside of it, take a pic, and move on, but I decided to kill a few minutes inside. I'm glad I did. I didn't realize that the library actually has museum-like special exhibits too. The exhibit I walked in on was perfect - The ABCs of IT: Why Children's Books Matter. It included an original letter from Lewis Carroll to Alice, artwork inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, and the actual stuffed animals that inspired Winnie the Pooh and friends (Piglet was actually a pincushion).

I then moved on to a store I saw several times from taxi rides - Midtown Comics. It sits on the second floor of the building with just a piddly sign on the sidewalk directing you which door to go in. You walk up a stale staircase with store posters on the walls, along with several empty frames. Seemed kinda bleak. But then you reach the top and its glorious. Floor to ceiling comic books and paraphernalia. Super organized, super clean. I could only wish LA's comic book stores were like this one. Unfortunately, I had to restrain myself and not pick up anything because Comic Con is around the corner!

I fly back today. Though I had fun, I'm so looking forward to getting home and not traveling for work for the summer! And, once I get settled back in, it's time to get back to crafting!

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