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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy as an egg - towel and events

I'm busy as an egg? That's because all kinds of things are hatching around me!

Just for fun, I scrambled up this new kitchen towel with leftover fabric from my farm-themed pot-holders. With use and time, it's time to start cycling out the old grody towels, which gives me an excuse to make more!

And now that I'm done with the work travel for awhile, I can now focus on my volunteering at the zoo. I'm an official animal care volunteer! I've only worked one day so far - my muscles despised me for it, but it was a super fun day. Yes, my dream of becoming a professional exotic animal pooper-scooper is closing in. Plus, I got to pet an okapi!

And to make sure I'm not overeasy, I received a phone call the other day from a neighbor who has been organizing our non-existent-yet-hopefully-soon-to-be-after-a-year-of-planning community garden. She dropped the bomb - she's moving. Would I want to take over? Like I need another thing on my plate, but I agreed. And it's time to push this garden-thing into high gear. It'll be July by the time we can get the garden boxes built!

Anyone else want to throw another egg at me?!

Egg yolk kitchen towel Okapi

Oh, and just so you don't forget - today is an important date:
1 month until my birthday!
6 months until Christmas!

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