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Friday, June 27, 2014

Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Wizard of Oz stitching and finding my way

Wizard of Oz stitch
About 2 months ago, a friend approached me about making some cross-stitch items for her daughter. And of course I agreed!

She purchased the patterns from the SewingSeed Etsy shop, sent them to me, and I went straight to work. Unfortunately a work trip prevented me from getting these finished as soon as I wanted to as the patterns were fairly easy, but I've learned to just accept that work always gets in the way of fun.

As requested, I used a natural aida cloth, silver thread for the shoes instead of red to be consistent with the books, and 6" embroidery hoops to fit the patterns (though the Tin Man was slightly too tall so I had to knock his legs down a couple rows). I found a pretty textured beige felt to back the hoops with. All done!

As of today, I feel my life is stabilizing a bit 'because, because, because, because, becaaaause': I'm done with work travel for a couple months; I think I have a handle on my new community garden responsibilities; tomorrow is my second day volunteering as a keeper at the zoo so I'm a step closer to making that regularly occurring; and I plan to take some time off work here and there to work on some crafts projects that have been backlogged. Here's to a happy summer!

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