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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Packed Weekend - gardening and quilting

What a full and exhausted weekend we had!:
  1. The gardens are built! Two years in the making for some strange reason but they're done. I had the materials delivered on Friday and the build began first thing Saturday morning. Thankfully I had a great turnout of volunteers from the neighborhood to help out. The 14 boxes measure 4'x6'x2' topped with PVC piping to hold up thin bird netting. Now I just have to find time this week to pick up some plants and get started...

    Community raised gardens

  2. Come Sunday, it was time to do another volunteer shift at the zoo. I was afraid that I'd have two full days out in the sun in row and be utterly exhausted, but thankfully the zoo roulette landed me with a reptile keeper - 95% indoor work!
  3. Once home from the zoo, I was still had some energy to burn off, so I did a bit more work on the quilt. The top is officially pieced together! This week, I'll pick up the batting so I can start the actual quilting. Will I be able to finish it by the end of the month, especially with a week of Comic Con in the way?


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