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Friday, August 22, 2014

Pie makes everything better

It's arrived - the last day of my staycation.

I never ever take time off just for myself, so I finally decided to do it. Early this week, we spent time at the beach, eating out, going for walks. I also got started on my Halloween quilt and canned some peach salsa. Stayed up late, slept in late. Lovely relaxation.

But yesterday I got notice that, because of the draught, our external hose taps in our community are being locked. So what's that mean for our garden? So a lot of time was wasted yesterday talking to the HOA office, coming up with ideas as there's only 1 key and 13 gardeners, discussing with the garden committee. It continues today, as well as getting some errands in, like an oil change.

So I was in a bad mood yesterday as I got nothing fun or personal done that morning and afternoon. A waste. So, to make me feel better - I made pie.

Appleberry pie

Appleberry pie. Homemade butter crust with granny apples and mixed berries. With some french vanilla ice cream, warm pie makes all problems disappear, at least temporarily.

Thankfully the end of my staycation isn't just ALL boring/annoying adult stuff. This weekend is also our local end-of-summer festival. Yes, it means summer is coming to a close, but it's always fun to be around screaming kids on rides, the smell of greasy food and sunscreen, and all the funnel cake you can eat!

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