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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Wardrobe metaphor?

I had the dream again last night.

The circumstances of why I'm there is always different.

The dream started with hanging out with friends at their house and staying too late. They invited me to stay the night because they knew I had to wake up early the next morning. By the time I was settled in, it was already 7am. 7am! I had to be at the zoo by 7:30! I jump out of bed and start searching my belongings for my zoo wear.

And here's the familiar part. It's ended up being a recurring dream, so there must be meaning behind it, right?

I'm suddenly in my bedroom from my teen years. I'm rummaging through my old dresser and closet when I find clothes I had forgotten about that I snatch up again. The end.

The clothing items change each dream: sometimes it's t-shirts, like last night; sometimes it's work clothes or dresses. They aren't actually clothes I owned in real life. But when I see them, I get a Eureka moment like I just found gold.

Interpretations welcome.

But what does it mean?

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