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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giving thanks for a busy week

The week of Thanksgiving is probably always my busiest week of the year.

  • Confirming I have all the supplies I need for the feast
  • Pre-making pie crusts and pies
  • Tying up loose ends at work.
  • Cleaning and more cleaning
    and come Friday...
  • Decorating for Christmas!
    I also use this week to catch up on Thanksgiving specials and movies. And yes, they exist! I always watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and "Garfield's Thanksgiving" - those are musts. But I always try to squeeze in 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' (check), 'Home for the Holidays', and sometimes 'Pieces of April' or 'Hannah and Her Sisters.' Unfortunately, I have not seen 'Home for the Holidays' listed in the TV schedule anywhere, and it's not streaming. I just really need to buckle down and buy it. Who doesn't love a young Robert Downey Jr., Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft, and the Gutte!

    A tradition Joe and I started years back was to take it easy on Wednesday night and have TV dinners of our own choosing. No dishes to worry about, no time spent prepping and cooking. And this year, we'll be eating our fancy meals on these new placemats I recently made. Simple applique where I drew out an image on iron-on transfer paper, and hand-stitched the pieces together. I tried using my machine, but the areas where the pieces overlap were too thick from all the layers of fabric and paper that my needle kept breaking. Then I did some loose stippling on the background, and tah dah! All done!

    This weekend, I'm trying something new and going in to the office to decorate my cube. I'm going a bit bigger than I usually do, so I figured this would be the best way not to distract anyone around me. If my plan works out the way I imagine, I'll be toting my creation here and on twitter, you betcha.

    And in about two weeks, Joe and I will be on the East Coast for a pseudo-holiday visit. Call me cheap, but the closer you get to Christmas, the cost of airfare triples! So I've been a busy bee working on the homemade portions of the Christmas gifts. I'm sure I'll get those pics posted shortly after!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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