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Monday, November 17, 2014

Hoo Hoo's ready for Thanksgiving?

Christmas commercials have been playing on TV for a couple weeks now. Last night, the Grove lit its tree. Houses have their Christmas lights up, AND some are lit. And it's only two weeks before Thanksgiving.
This would upset most people. But not me. Over the years, my appreciation for Thanksgiving has grown. When I was a kid, it was all about Christmas and the gifts. As I aged, it was about the time off from school. Now, Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand-in-hand for me. And not for the days to sleep in (though that's always welcome) or the gifts (those are fun too). But for the sense of family and home-iness. It's all one holiday for me. Right after Halloween ends, it's time to settle in for the winter - Indulge in fall and winter squashes and fruit; curl up on the couch with the person or animal(s) you love and watch heartwarming movies; come together with family, or friends who have become your family, and just enjoy being with each other. Because as the new year comes around, it will be all about the chores, work, vacation planning, etc, all over again.

A few days a week for the last couple weeks, I've woken up with the feeling it's Thanksgiving. As in I should be getting up, starting the turkey, and watching the parade and dog show.. It's worse than a case of the Fridays.

And now to the crafts.

A coworker saw me drinking from a mug with my pilgrim hat cozy, and excitedly asked if I could do an owl. Sure, why not? I found this link from, brushed my hands, and thought that's all I needed. Not quite. She then sent me a picture of a barn owl. Uh... dang! The cutesy pattern I found isn't going to work!
So I had to improvise. And to my surprise, I got it on the first try. No yarn pulling here. Turned out quite nice if I do say so myself.

A new season, a new purse. I've had my eye on this pattern from since it was posted, and finally got around to making it. Of course it doesn't hold as much as my purse I made at the beginning of the year, but that means I have to be smarter about the things I need to carry, and won't lug around a super heavy packed bag.

Christmas decoration crafts and gifts have been planned. I have to finish up one final Thanksgiving item - an applique placemat set - but then craftapolooza can begin!

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