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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walking in a Winter office-land

Well, I did it. I brought a bit of Christmas tackiness to the office. Last weekend, Joe and I built a desk igloo out of matting board, craft paper, polyester stuffing, and a tree skirt. It's horrible and I love it! But it also gives me some privacy for a few weeks in our open-office environment, which everyone despises.

I finished up all the Christmas presents, and now have time to work on some personal projects, like little felt animals for my Woodland Christmas-themed living room, and possibly a scrap Christmas quilt. But just today, a coworker shared a link with me to add more to my to-do list: Using a knit/crochet pattern they supply, they accept finished stitched sweaters, caps, and blankets for kids in need. Now I know what I'm doing during my family visit next week...

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