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Monday, February 23, 2015

Christmas in February - the quilt is finished

Just two months late, but that's ok.

I apologize for my absence, but between travel for work, a bout with food poisoning, and Valentine's Day activities, I haven't had much free time or news to report.
But I'm back to normal, for the time being at least. And with some time I was able to finish up my Christmas quilt I started in December.

I used up some of my own fabric scraps, and raided my mom's fabric stash when I visited in December, and came up with this quilt with lots going on. Each block is 6 inches, with 1" and 2" borders around. And to top it off, I free-motion stitched holly leaves and berries over the entire quilt. Have I mentioned before I love how quick I can FM stitch compared to just stitching a grid or echos?!

But I've also had some time to get in some crocheting. A coworker commissioned me to make a steampunk-themed mug cozy for her. I found some metallic-colored yarn, did some experimenting, and came up with some gears to wrap around the mug.

I've also been busy using up some scrap yarn for scarf and hat donations to a local charity called 'Handmade by You' which gives finished scarves to women's shelters to inspire and give hope to women in need. After my first set of donations, I was asked to whip up some children's hats as they received a special request. So off I go!

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