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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

It's here - April 22nd!

At the beginning of the month, I listed out the things I've already incorporated into my routine, but also things I need to work on. Haven't had much opportunity to break out the bike more yet, but it's coming I swear! I definitely have been taking lukewarm showers rather than hot to help cut down on energy, and potentially water. And we went browsing for a new fridge, but haven't taken the next step yet, but hopefully soon!

Have you taken a moment to consider doing something good for the earth, your community, or your family? If not, here are some easy actions for you:

  • Visit to pledge to plant. Of course the focus is on trees, but for many of us, especially apartment-dwellers, that's not really viable. So I just ask that you plant something, ANYTHING really - a potted plant, seeds in your garden or apartment balcony, anything that will eventually sprout leaves.
  • Review what your carbon footprint with the foot print calculator - it might surprise you!
  • Interested in the bigger picture? Read up on the Earth Day Network's environmental campaigns with congress, schools, and other countries to create a healthier future.
  • Get outside!! And not only during the day! Appreciate the land and sky around you and remember what a beautiful planet you live on
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