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Monday, June 29, 2015

TV on the brain - Quilted wall-hanging

I got my June quilt finish in right under the wire!

We've had bad luck with pictures over our living room couch. Either they didn't look right, or just wouldn't stay up! So we've had a blank wall for the last couple months. I knew it needed something, but wasn't sure what. The rest of the artwork we have in the room is themed - media-related. Records, movies, film - what else could I do? Oh yeah, TV!

Rather than my normal blanket-sized quilts I make, I decided to try making a quilted wall-hanging. I drew up a sample, figured out some measurements, and voila! My TV quilt was born.

I used a curtain rod with clips, so this gives me an excuse to make more holiday wall hangings.

Next up - finishing my denim quilt:

Meanwhile, my garden has exploded. Last year, since we got the garden started in late July, I didn't get much output from the plants. But THIS year, my garden is bursting with kale and tomatoes. In fact, each time I go to water my garden, I have to harvest a large handful of cherry tomatoes!


  1. That wallhanging is so cool! You really nailed it, and the way you hung it on the rod, accents it perfectly. Congrats on your finish.

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