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Monday, July 27, 2015

Resolution review

It's the end of July already?!

The heat has just started rolling so it finally feels like summer. But all I see online are bloggers starting their Christmas projects. How can I keep up?!

To make myself feel better, let's look at my 2015 goal status so far:

  1. Finish 4 quilts. I've finished 2 so far - a full blanket, and a wall hanging; 3, if you count my zoo bag. And one more I hope to finish within the next week or two.
  2. Crochet a sweater. Haven't even started...
  3. Read 25 books. I'm already at 22! And 4 of those are regular text novels. I'm well ahead of my goal, especially since I have a huge stack of books on my to-read shelf!
  4. Make more items for charity. Earlier this spring, I crocheted a bunch of hats and scarves for Handmade Especially for You, a charity that gives the projects to women in shelters. I'm in the middle of an afghan right now, but as soon as that's done, I'm sure the leftover yarn will be used for more donations.
  5. Harvest a successful garden this summer. I think I'll say this is complete! Though I still have veggies growing, I've harvested a ton of cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, kale, and arugula. Though the cherry tomato plant is dying off, I have some peppers and basil coming up! I'd call that a success.

Not so bad, right? And once I finish my denim quilt, maybe I'll start work on some Halloween projects to help me feel a little ahead...

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