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Friday, September 25, 2015

Fix it up - new vase, shoes, and socks

This week has been a very frustrating week at work. I don't want to talk about it. To keep myself at least somewhat sane, I've dived into some projects including some fixer-uppers.
  • I bought a tall rectangular vase awhile back, and it just sat around. Finally I decided to do something with it, and to my surprise found a big crack in it. What happened to it just sitting on a shelf? Luckily, I happened to have a tube of silicone from when I needed to repair, unsuccessfully, my galoshes. Will it hold? Time will tell. But hopefully the glue I used to cover up the vase with a year's worth of wine corks will help!
  • My first pair of Toms, after a year of wear and mistakenly washing them in my machine, became thin and holes starting forming at the toe and the heel. I ended up buying a new pair awhile ago, but just never brought myself to throw away the old. And a good thing! After procrastinating around on Pinterest, I found several people have patched up their Toms into something new. Why not give it a try? I happened to have some brownish fabric to match. And with a little Aleene's Tacky Glue, a shoe was reborn! I wore them the other day to make sure they'd hold up - good so far!
  • I find crochet to be a good stress reliever, and per a personal request, I whipped up some socks for dear ol' dad.

Thank goodness the weekend is here!

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