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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Resolution Review

Back in January, I announced my 2015 resolutions. How'd I do?

  1. Finish 4 quilts. Incomplete! Close but not close enough. I did finish two full size quilts, a wall-hanging, and a couple smaller quilt projects, I still wouldn't consider that meeting my goal.
  2. Crochet a sweater. Incomplete! I made a whole bunch of scarves and hats this year, I never ended up making a sweater. Add to the 2016 list?
  3. Read 25 books.Complete! And I knocked this one out of the park. According to GoodReads, I read 38 books this year! Plus, I surpassed my mini-goal of 5 non-graphic novel books with 9 books!
  4. Make more items for charity. Complete! This year, I made several batches of women's scarves and children's hats for a local charity. Plus, at this moment, I'm finishing up another small batch to send in.
  5. Harvest a successful garden this summer. Complete! My garden produced quite a bit this summer. Including enough tomatoes and peppers to make a batch of salsa for canning! I also used quite a bit of kale to use in juices, and lettuces for whatever.

Not a bad year, right? Stay tuned for my 2016 resolutions!

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