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Monday, December 28, 2015

A year of projects - 2015 edition

Compared to 2014, it seems like I didn't complete as many projects. And I'm not sure if I have a proper excuse. It was kind of a roller coaster year: losing both my cats - Little Girl and Autumn; lots of work travel; lots of exhausting work stress; lots of plans with friends (when did I get so busy?). But I'm still pretty happy with what I pumped out:


Denim quiltTV pillowsTV wall hangingZoo toteChristmas scrap quiltChristmas pillows


Kitty cozyScarf and hat donationsSteampunk mug cozy

Cross stitch

Classic monster table runner

General sewing/crafts

Halloween toteLaptop coverZombie curtainsSocks, vase, and shoes

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